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July 2018

  • InJust Erika

    The Truth on Social Media: Does it still exist?

    When we see people, who seem to be doing things right, beyond what is expected from a normal person, our intrigued, little minds start to wonder, how do they do it.

    Ladies, let me rehash this opening salvo to make it a little bit more apt: When we see other women, who seem to be winging things unrealistically well, beyond what is expected from a normal human being, as perfection somehow makes us consider possibility of them being aliens, our judgy, nosy, insecure esteem starts to wonder, how the heck did they even find the time to put contour on?

    If you admit to being this kind of a thinker, well, you are not alone.

    With social media always glamming things up and showing us different kinds of super women doing things simultaneously, it makes you feel like asking, “hey how about breathing fire while you’re at it, just for kicks.”

    But instead of getting all riled up, these women who make you feel, well, ummm, a little “less blessed”, are really not doing things perfectly. They are merely doing what they love, and what they can, completely and honestly. Usually, this is the combo that makes life beautiful and fun–very close to the description of what we think is perfect.

    You see, when you do something you love, you are never tired. You will always find inspiration and energy to do things all over again. And it is with a passion that the attitude of “I can” can exist. It brings the mindset of possibility rather than of difficulty. It does not mean always having the answers to problems, but having the mental tools to manage them. And it is in this perspective that your strengths and weaknesses are revealed. If you are smart enough, you will thrive on the strengths and improve on or change the weaknesses, letting you live with a deeper sense of value and purpose

    The habit of honesty that goes along with it makes it a rule that Truth will always sustain you. It will allow you to prioritize, to ask for help, to give things up, and to aim for real and honest goals. The priorities will make you focus, asking for help will give you the support, giving things up will remove the clutter, and aiming for goals will bring you the success.

    So ladies, when you go online again, the best you can do is observe–take what you can learn from what you like. Everything you let yourself see, and react to must add on to your value. Allowing only what will build your character will give not only others the sense of wonder and admiration, but more importantly, yourself the sense of respect and dignity.

    How’s your social media feed been like lately? Comment below if you agree or disagree with me! I would love to keep this conversation going!

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