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    5 Things I Love About Travelling

    Travelling is always a treat for a lot of people. Obvious reasons why many take time to escape, is to enjoy, and temporarily leave behind their norm.

    By enjoyment, the range includes seeing new places, meeting new people, learning culture and history, creating memories, and just growing from the exposure to a context bigger than one’s self.

    Reasons are always relative. They could be silly, quirky, and also deep, and profound. And I find my list, a combination of sorts.


    Here are 5 things I like about travelling.


    1. Challenge to my OCD

    People close to me know how particular I can get with how I do things. From folding clothes properly, to having specific bags for everything—I am peculiarly meticulous that I actually get satisfaction from setting up a system that replicates exactly how I do things at home.

    Despite busy travel itinerary that requires being on the go, I would never compromise a strategic spot for my suitcase, nor the dresser or any corner that will have my accessories, make up, cellphones, and my toiletry bag that will always hold all I need for my complete bath ritual.

    As someone with a photographic memory, the visual of my surroundings is vital. And that applies wherever I am. Remembering how I put things together, and how I left them behind contribute to my functionality and productivity even when I travel.


    1. Excuse to eat

    The very essence of  travelling for me is to learn more about the world. And I’ve always thought that food is very reflective of culture and tradition. It’s awesome that through food, and through the joy of eating, I get the chance to be more aware of somebody else’s history. But on a more mundane note, I just really want to eat everything (and anything I may like when I’m out), whether it has something to do with history or not.


    1. Ideas for design, business, and style

    Growing up in business, it has been kind of imperative, and somewhat automatic to always observe how other people/enterprises conduct their operations. So when travelling, I enjoy looking at details of interiors, service, offerings, extra value etc.

    I feel like it is a more responsible kind of travel if there is an idea I can learn and incorporate into how I do things back home to improve and evolve as a business. After all, a progressive business allows for more travel.


    1. Chance to observe people’s lives

    Most of the time, we get so drawn by things we have going on in our lives.

    Detachment from routine once in a while, gives us perspective. Whenever I travel, I observe how people are with family and friends, how other mothers are with their kids, how lovers are with each other, how strangers are with another.

    And always I get to the conclusion that we really are all the same. Parents will always care for their kids, lovers will always kiss, siblings will always fight, friends will always have drinks, and life in every corner of this world, will have its highs and lows, but we will always have a reason close by to make this life worth living.


    1. Moments to savour 

    As a mother and a wife, it is important for me to initiate the value of travelling to my family. It is the perfect opportunity to be grateful, not just for the travel per se, but for life itself. To see the world makes you realise how beautifully things were made, and that we are blessed to be part of it. It teaches me to be more humble, compassionate, and driven to live fully, consciously and purposefully.

    As I do these travels with the people I love, I am put in moments that remind me that all is always well.


    And with these reasons, I see travelling not just as an escape, but a way of living that can only contribute to making me the best version of myself.



    Do you like travelling? Is it important? Let me know what you think, and help me make this discussion go around.

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