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5 Simple Yet Powerful Ways Yoga Can Boost Your Productivity

A lot of people who want to get into yoga sometimes still need that little nudge to get on it. Hesitations and qualms prevent them from pushing through, assuming so much could go wrong as yoga is considerably still not an easy option for many.

Others worry about the physical struggle of getting through a class, while some would doubt its effectivity as it is only “stretching” without a total workout value, and others don’t fully grasp how it could really be of help mentally (or even spiritually). Consequently, most people put off the chance to get started and know it for themselves.

However, when they see others testifying about Yoga’s encompassing benefits, their curiosity would still get tickled. At the back of their heads, they would still want to give yoga a try. They just really haven’t defined when.

In my previous article, Top 5 Benefits of Yoga for Modern Day Moms, I enumerated quick points on how yoga practice could provide a positive impact in your life. But for this list, I will be sharing specifics that have significant effect on your productivity, which may consequently be a better trigger for you to get on to the practice.


Yoga trains your ability to focus and prioritize

With the discipline one develops in practice, the mind is strengthened as it decides to endure the challenge of the practice every time. To be still and to be quiet put the mind in a non-reactive state and more on the receptive state. This quality enhanced by yoga can specifically result to being more focused on tasks, more organised in thought and planning, more systematic in execution of responsibilities , and less emotional to situations and/or people that could stir up your stability.


Yoga enables to you to do more, become more by keeping the body healthy

As the health of the physical body is kept in check by a committed and dedicated practice, you will realise that you are not just benefiting from being able to do more. You are also brought to the position of exploring more of what you can do. Because of a healthy physical and mental disposition, you discover talents and abilities helpful to growth, and is able to create a positive effect in the  environment.


Yoga empowers you to have a healthy lifestyle — which translates to better life choices in other areas

With a healthy lifestyle maintained, having better choices in other life aspects becomes a natural outgrowth. A person able to maintain a healthy physical condition is most likely to translate the same discipline in other areas, thereby honing a well rounded individual not just with a sense of discipline, but a self awareness that makes him effective and valuable wherever he may be put in.


Yoga helps you identify true passion and life goals

As yoga gives a better sense of self, you also develop alongside a personal level of peace. And only with this kind of calm that you are truly able to connect to what is important. This enables you to stay true to yourself, and stick to choices that will keep you close to what matters.


Yoga connects you to God

As yoga acquaints its practitioners to the value of surrender—with all the tasks and responsibilities in our busy lives, with the hopes and dreams for the future— the best manifestation of one’s relationship to God is the value of letting go, and trusting the process. As yoga teaches us control, the beauty and irony of it too is the recognition that nothing is ever in our hands. Let go, and let God in your life.


Hope these notes keep you motivated on and off the mat! Namaste!


Know of other ways by which yoga boosts your productivity? Share them with us by commenting below.


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