In this time and age when everyone is on social media, content is vital, but the reason for sharing such things makes it of even greater importance.

I’ve been working on this website for quite some time now. In fact, I have bought the domain years ago. Talk about being proactive! But I never really had the chance to put it up right away. I was either too busy acting, sportscasting, hosting, or working out. But I knew I wanted one, and I believed at some point that it will come through.

A couple of years later and a wonderful child, here it is!

With everything I’m juggling as a woman, it makes more sense to have this website now. This is not just to merely share mundane things happening in my life, this is to show and tell what goes on in the head of someone like me, who just might be someone like you–a career woman, a businesswoman, a yogini, a wife and a mother.

I’d like to think that things that make me happy–my family, my work, and my practice–will be an honest reflection of who I am, which I hope would entertain, inspire, and help you in many ways.

My website will not just be a compilation of sorts, but an account of a life consciously lived, beautifully, meaningfully, and purposefully. And more importantly, a legacy for the little boy at home, who is now my reason for everything.