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Top 5 Benefits of Yoga for Modern Day Moms

A modern day mom is defined in many ways. Not only is she taking care of the kids, she’s also running a business, helping out a friend, volunteering in the community, and of course, keeping it sexy for the hubby.

Bottom line, being a multi-faceted woman is a norm nowadays. You see women flourishing in different fields, looking good while at it, and at the same time not neglecting the important role that keeps the family intact and the home in order.

Not an easy feat, but a mom’s got to do what she has to.

For someone who is in this category like myself, Yoga has played a vital role in making things work. Nobody may be perfect, but my yoga practice definitely has made the tasks manageable.

1. Yoga strengthens the mind
     As every practice encourages students to consciously breathe, focusing on that life force that goes in and out of the body, the mind is trained to submit and be free of thoughts, thereby relaxing it. With continuous effort to do yoga amidst busy schedule and demands of daily life, yoga helps the mind to grow strong and be in control of circumstances rather than emotions reacting to them.

2. Yoga keeps the body healthy
   With regular practice, may it be Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Hatha, yoga strengthens the physical body allowing it to sustain work longer to do more, and be internally healthy to resist illnesses. Improvement on the physical gives also a positive self image that keeps a good spirit.

3. Yoga builds healthy eating habits
   With efforts given as one practices yoga, eating healthily becomes a natural response rather than a deliberate effort to adjust diet. Because of the changes within, the body is able to discern which should be taken, and which shouldn’t be. Not to say that yogis don’t enjoy a bottle of beer, a bar of chocolate, or a slice of pizza, but a constant practice develops discipline that is able to work with moderation effectively.

4. Yoga leads to true happiness
   As the practice of yoga seeps in, with its benefit of a clearer mind and improved physical strength, what really matters standout, and the true source of happiness shows itself. Enabling a better outlook, yoga leads its practitioners to a life that resonate to who they really are, making them give up the unnecessary and stick to what counts.

5. Yoga reminds us of the power of prayer
   As life will always have its ups and downs even if one practices everyday, yoga in its truest sense helps us recognise a greater power that will always protect and see us through. The ultimate benefit that yoga has taught me is to surrender and know that with flaws and all, with efforts and lack of it sometimes, I am enough—more than enough. And so are you.

Be kind to yourself, momma. Squeeze some yoga in your life, and it might just bring you to a more beautiful version of what you already are.



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